Introducing Working on a Dream

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Working on a Dream is a manual for living and working that draws on a myriad of experiences and observations. It shines a light on the numerous landmines that are in the path of an entrepreneur and anyone who has ever wanted to pursue a dream. Most of all, it dissects many of the interesting, and often, unanswered questions that life throws at us in our daily endeavours.

It covers a number of diverse topics including how to assess risks; unique approaches to solving problems; bouncing back from setbacks; managing subordinates, peers and bosses; ambition; fighting the fear of failure; and seeing the big picture, all concepts that are applicable in business as well as in general life. The book features lots of motivating quotes, street smarts, wit and wisdom, packed into an easy-to-read format. For those looking to make a mark in their chosen field, Working on a Dream is a worthy companion to offer inspiration and practical guidance.


      1. Just finished reading your book. I really enjoyed every part of the book. Hmmm i like this part from your book:what is your cancellation policy? You can cancel anytime, for any reason with just a few clicks. We hope you will stay, but we don t make it hard to leave. It is really a fallacy to think there is only one person out there for you.
        I am searching for a mentor and I will be glad if I can have your phone number?


  1. Hello Sir, your book was very inspiring I enjoyed it from beginning till the end, it was as if it should not end, I thank God I bought the book and I have no regrets, maybe it was God who wanted me to buy the book because I actually went to buy another book but ended up buying your book because the one I went for was not available, may God continue to increase your knowledge.


  2. Just finished reading your book. Came across it at the supermarket last week. It caught my eye. I just picked it up to read this evening and cannot believe I could not put it down. Just finished reading it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and deeply resonated with it. I learned a whole lot. Thank you for sharing your experience. It was a refreshing read.


  3. I saw your book at Sweet kiwi Lekki and read the reviews on the back cover and wanted it immediately.. after I paid for my nieces choice in yogurt I didn’t have enough change to buy the book..I didn’t get a chance to go back until I was at the Airport to fly back to my station in Phc and I saw it at med pkus.. i asked for the price and it was N200 more than sweet kiwi… I was almost going to harass them.. but seeing it just like that the 2nd time convinced me it was not a chance meeting and I had to read the book… I’m only on page 51..abd I can’t put it down and this is my personal bestseller and publishers should reprice it higher… nothing in this book is taught in any classroom.. I already have 2 friends in Phc queubg to sells hair attachment…she will need it!! Thanks for this true to life masterpiece..


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